But what a xmas it was !! 

Over the last few years, xmas has been in many different places. They've all been really really special, but this year for a change, it's at our house. 

  house lights 3

Which means, of course, No 85 had to be spruced up, and the xmas train parked at the front under the light tree (look hard, it's on the right)

tree 4  tree 5

First the tree - so many lights packed onto a very small tree - both the tree and I were groaning by the end. Unfortunately only had white white lights, so ended up bluish in pics. LURVE doing chrissy trees, worth every groan.

              tree 3

          The security guard - Harold the Hippo, did a mighty fine job of minding.

       streamers 12

Then the rest of the decos. Malkie got technical advice from Desiree, while he blu-tacked the streamers.

                xmas mix 1

Rest of decs were simply fun. Toilet deco left by a santa fairy from Ipswich, set the mood of the day.

Christmas Day had dawned COOL and cloudy - did you get that - cool and cloudy. Not hot and sunny as per usual. So on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is boiling hot and 10 is raining - we scored about a 6. Chance of rain, and not too hot. Whacko !!

The tables were set early, the ham in the oven, the salads made, the punch and champagne icy cold. The prawns were coming, the pineapple salsa was made, and the turkey was gobbling in soon. The air of expectation was wonderful, and the loot pile trembled and shimmered.

                       loot 8

The motley crew arrived,( some quite dodgy) settled in with drinks and noise and much laughter.

First round of pressies was followed with first round of food - prawns with hot rolls and pineapple salsa. Yummmm. Noni and Pops both said the blessing - and the feasting began.


Georgia scooped the pool with the first of the games - how did she draw a xmas tree, star on top, pressies under, decorations on -all with the plate balanced on her head? Definitely an artistic streak there.

                  guests jon mix

The loot beckoned again - and yes, Jonathan did want a pair of new slippers - what's more they fitted Thank you, Noni.

                 guests mischa mix

Not so sure about the assorted exotic beers - but then again, maybe Mischa was anticipating the taste (or something)

                 guests malkie mix

And I can guarantee Malkie LOVED his train book, and especially his inflatable toupee - he's promised to wear it regularly.

                guests noni mix

By this time, however, Stewie was getting restive - "Noni Noni Noni, this is fine, but when do we get to the real food ??" So we did - i.e. ate up a storm.

                guests together


More games more pressies even a quiz or two - how do we cope ?? Let me tell you, it was not hard.

               guests mix desiree 

Desiree quite seriously held back from eating the whole chocolate tree - after all there was still dessert still to come.

Dessert ? Groan - who has the room for that ? But at the suggestion of a walk to shake it all down, we all found our dessert tums. 

Was a great day - noisy, rambunctious,nonsensical and over the top in every way - but surely that is the essence of an Aussie Xmas. One day out of reality is totally acceptable in my book. And thank you Santa for my lovely new basket, and specially the massive hamper of goodies from Atlanta, was wonderful. Oh and my new recipe book - complete with naughty words - still chuckling over that one.



How was your xmas day ? I hope it was a day of merriment and fun and nonsense, just like ours. Please tell me about it on - 

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