It was definitely only yesterday this wee munchkin was born, and proceeded to smile at us as he took over our world and made it his own.

 zachie born 2   z 35

Still has the bright bright eyes, a tad more hair - and still challenging his world head on.

  p 35

Imagination? Limitless I'd say. Creativity ? the same. Adventurosity ? In spades.

  box 2

Cartoon above reminded me so much of a Zachy escapade. He loves hide and seek - and is so hard to find, he has the ability to be perfectly still and quiet no matter how much calling goes on. SO, hiding under the bed - he found a flat plastic storage box with wheels, which was of course a perfect sled. Liberated it, rode it down the hill, (Nonna wittering in the background)eventually broke one wheel, so quietly put the box back under the bed and went on to something else. Nonna only took a day to recover.



        crayon 5 

And that night, just to emphasize his position in this family (on top) he organised us all to "colour in" the playhouse. Malkie may have built it, but Zachie knew how to make it pretty. So we did - coloured in i.e.

  crayon 1    crayon 2

  Some of us worked very hard, colouring and colouring.

     crayon 4

BUT some of us downed crayons very early. Just sayin'

     z bruvva

"Bruvva" (Lachlan) has had a very faithful shadow over the years. But this year, Zachie became a star in his own right - specially at soccer.

   z soccer 22

When you and your team-mates are only 4, soccer can be a bit overwhelming. Some cry, some run away, some hang onto Mom - not Zachie, he simply showed everyone how to play soccer.

   z chase

You get that little old ball and you kick it straight to the goal. 

  z soccer chas 2

Then you do it again, in case they haven't learnt yet.

       z soccer 4

Hardest part is the long walk back after each goal, but it does give you time to check your Mom is watching, and maybe taking a photo or two.

      z ride bike

Enough frivolity - Zachie knows that life has a serious side - he has a lot to learn at kindergarten. And to get there, he rides his bike up a very big hill. Mum and Trooper go with him - welllll, maybe this is fun too, eh Zachie ??

    at school 1

       at school 2

But when a young man like Zachie is at school, he has to sit up and listen carefully, and do everything his teacher tells him to do.

BUT, but, but - this looks like fun too. 

And why shouldn't it be, this is the best possible way to learn.

at naoonna 1 

I acknowledge I am biased, but this Nonna is very proud of the way young Zachie is growing up. He still has the cheeky grin he was born with, he still has the wildest imagination, and he still finds fun in every situation. He also has rather special parents who are endeavouring to give him the best possible childhood any young boy could wish for. Malkie and I love you, Zachie.


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