Poetry ?? Why poetry ?? Who reads it anyway. Which is exactly my point.

In the hustle and bustle of our lives,we sometimes need to pause. Read a poem. Chill out. Be calm. 

Let the words simply flow over you.

           zen 5a

              The moon floats above the pines,

              And the night veranda is cold.

              As the ancient, clear sound comes from your fingertips.

              The old melody usually makes the listeners weep,

              But Zen music is beyond sentiment.    

                    (from my Zen daily readings)

            zen 7a

            Poem of the One World.

            This morning

            the beautiful white heron

            was floating along above the water.


            and then into the sky of this 

            the one world

            we all belong to


            where everything

            sooner or later

            is a part of everything else


            which thought made me feel

            for a little while

            quite beautiful myself.

 zen mary 12

The last poem was by Mary Oliver.

I found her small anthology somewhere in a bookstore - and fell in love with her work. The blurb about her is totally true -

"Oliver opens our eyes to the nature within, to its wild and its quiet. With startling clarity, humour and kindness."






I don't, of course, expect anyone to rush out and buy poetry. I would however, ask that you keep an open mind as to the beauty of words, and how they can be magical to read and dream over. Try it. You will be surprised.


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