My beloved Grandies are coming out to Oz for a visit.

                       new drone 2

Photos of them are guaranteed to have me smiling like an idjut, so I got to thinking - which other photos are sure to make us all smile ??

Have a look at these - I call them my parenting shots.

 parenting 1 sq      parenting 30

    aaa parenting 30       aaa parenting 26   

                          aaa parenting 33

aaa parenting 31  aaa parenting 32

                                   aaa parenting 5 rect

     aaa parenting 29         aaa parenting sq 13

                                                aaa parenting 14 rect

      aaa parenting 21      aaa parenting 11  

                               aaa parenting sq 20         aaa parenting square 9

           aaa parenting rect 7 aaa parenting 27

                                                        aaa parenting rect 4


Are you smiling yet ?? Come on, break out into a big happy grin !! Does you good, gets your endorphins flowing - or something. But it does feel good. 

I'll be grinning like a cheshire cat for the next wee while, and hopefully store up some magical memories till I go to the states in September, and see them all over again.                                                 

                                          computer 2 boys

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 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

                                                 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAnimal Parents 19

                                                     That's all, folks.


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