Been 2 yrs, but we're b-a-a-ckkkkkk. 

    cottage 2

Back to our cottage snuggled into a nice bit of Oz countryside at Ballandean, near Stanthorpe.

First job - light the fire, and relax on the verandah with the red bubbly Mischa has brought, while the sun goes down in a blaze (almost) of red.

      settling in best 2

Crackling fire inside, much more bubbly to come, kangas nibbling grass just outside our verandah for entertainment - I CAN cope.

aasettling in fire   aa kanga

And gradually we all relax -

      aasettling in malkie  aasettling in desi  aasettling in micha

So tired. Nighty night all.


SO, dear reader, why Stanthorpe, you ask ????   We say, why not.

1. It's high up on the granite belt, so is cold.

    snow 1

     OOPS, sorry - that was last week !! (We are SO jealous Ellen Jenkins)

     a sunshine

              This was our reality - and it was pretty damn nice.

2. The Bramble Patch.

    aabranble 2  aa bramble photo

We need our year's supply of raspberry liqueur, eggplant kassundi, tomato acher,Queen garnet plum paste, and talk to the friendly natives. Lovely people.

3. See the train.

    a malkie praying  Malkie was hoping - but fairly sure - trains don't come to Stanthorpe.

Wrong - heard the whistle - Mischa said let's go find it - and we did !!     train use this one            

                        How about that !! Pops up from Warwick every now and then.

3. Check out the birdies - feathered kind i.e.

     aa birdie galah   aa crimson one


      aa birdies apostle 2    aa birdies apostle         

An apostle bird (pictured) normally looks a dull black, but catch him in sunlight, as Malkie did - and the detail in his feathers is glorious.


4. The scenery -


    a scenery 2


5. The Sunsets

    a sunset 2 


6. The Winter White Grasses.

   aa better grassP1260618   aa grasses good

    grasses 1

 Endlessly fascinating - the winter grasses are. And yes, the last piccy is slightly enhanced, but still glorious.

Well, I reckon that's enough reason to go trekking once a year to Stanthorpe. Did I miss anything ? OMG, I did. Probably the most most MOST important ones -

7. The wonderful company of the Rahmels;  

     aam and d 2

the food - need I mention the big brekkies by Mischa, and the scrumptious dinner out at Ballendean winery ?


 wine (we are in the wine belt, so had to do it justice);


 the peacefulness of our cottage;

aa cottage 

the noisy fun of yahtzee  or crazy rummy at night; 

the crackling of the log fire; and the general ambience of the whole area  - CAN I GO BACK NOW ????????


    grape zines

One last pic - my view of the vineyards surrounding us in Ballandean.


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