2015 has been disaster time for this happy blogger - hackers galore, plus a measure of inertia, have all interrupted the flow. What to do - start again, or simply drop it.??  Time for a GOOD think about it all.


                         It always seems impossible


 Thoughts 1.  What do I enjoy about blogging ?

I do like it that having a blog, or reading blogs, reminds you that life can change all the time. That you can be interested and inspired by different things on different days. That the search for things that excite or inform or impress or motivate, can be undertaken on a regular basis. That looking for things that pique your interest is a perfectly valuable thing to do. That today's view doesn't have to be tomorrow's.


Thoughts 2  Why I specially like some blogs. 

They remind you that you can keep shifting, be better. You can be creative or make more delicious food or savour special moments if you choose. That you can train your eye to see shapes, colours, languages, light, moods that you might not normally spot. That you can negotiate life with a curious hopeful attitude, ready to be surprised by the things you see or do, or the people you meet.


Thoughts 3

Finally, blogging for me, is a reminder that life is an exploration . . an adventure. That it unfolds like a lovely board game fresh out of the box, with twists and turns and bits and bobs that I didn't expect, but that I love or at the very least - NOTICE.

SO, watch this space - I'm jumping on board again.


                         sun 3

 . . . . . .  and finally, I bought a small bunch of sunflowers this week at my local fruit shop. At least, they look like sunflowers, but even bigger and better. This is just one of them - they are SO magnificent. Heads are so heavy, they need propping up - but when you do, the beauty of these flowers is explosive.



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